Furcifer is dedicated to offering low-cost technology that enables every glass panel to become dynamic, and transforming the whole glass industry into a smarter future.


With its proprietary disruptive technology, Furcifer is uniquely equipped to succeed where other electrochromic players may lack, by identifying industry pain points that competitors face, and designing technology to specifically address these hurdles:

  • Enables flexible film technology with wet-processable solid polymer materials;
  • Adopts high-speed low-cost roll-to-roll printing process to achieve much lighter capex and significantly lower and acceptable price;
  • Build strategic partnerships in various application sectors with leading glass manufacturers instead of competing with them.


Furcifer's flexible substrate and multi-color technology allow for a broader market application including architectural, automotive and information display. Addressable market expands beyond existing smart glass to possibly penetrate the whole $100+ billion flat glass market.